"Ayurveda believes”

"Loka: samatha sukhino bhavanthu sarvae santhu niramaya sarvae bhadrani pasynthu ma kaschid dukhbhagbavaed"

Ayurveda believes in being tune with nature. Greater the harmony with nature, richer the health and wellness created. Wellness includes-physical, mental or emotional, spiritual, social and environmental well being. The above mentioned sloka can be fulfilled and accomplished only by a spiritual transformation of the society. As cited in it, if lack of knowledge or darkness can lead to sorrow, it can be amended only by the radiance of self knowledge.



Ayurvedam@Sreenilayam is nature's recharge counter.

We offer an incomparable way of

Treatments and rejuvenation treatments, recharges the body, reactivates the mind, regain vitality and builds resistance. Experiencing the ayurvedic treatment in its wholeness. Each and every treatment offered here will regain your health and recharge your body. Experience the rejuvenating and healing touch of authentic ayurveda at Sreenilayam.

As the health is depends upon the purity of the body, Ayurveda gives significance to mobilizing by [Snehanam and Swedana] the various toxins.  Amam means metabolic wastes, dead cells, various chemical toxins reaching the body by various means, happening because of the seasonal influence, stress related hormones etc, eliminating them through appropriate channels of body by Panchakarma-five purification process.

  1. Vamanam-emisis
  2. Virechanam-purgation
  3. Nasyam-purification through nose
  4. Vasthy-purification through anus by introducing appropriate medicines
  5. Raktha Moksham-bloodletting.

In this regard we use Kerala special treatments of Snehanam-oilation and Swedanam-Sudation process according to condition and eliminate the toxins by Panchakarmas to establish the balance of Doshas-vata, pitha and kapha. Which is a dynamic balance.
After elimination of toxins it’s important to rejuvenate the body, where comes the role of Rasayanam. The person who seek health need to take appropriate medicines during the treatment and after the treatment as follow -ups., and have to undergo dietary restriction during the treatment  and during the treatment cure phase also, to facilitate the action of medicines and  treatment.

All the health problems are not due to toxins there are detersive diseases also there which will be dealt with suitable treatments.

Vamanam: (Emisis)




Nasyam-purification through nose




Raktha Moksham-bloodletting.