Alexander Reebok (Moscow, Russia)

Incredible place, great people, excellent progress, so much love friendliness, professionalism, dedication and support Please continue this important ayurveda for making people healthier and happier, giving hope and joy.

Maria and Olga

Thank you for most useful and pleasant holiday in life. We couldn't imagine that we were able to stay for 21 days at one place and to get so much pleasure of it and we want to stay more. Special thanks to Suja - she is the best host ever! We are very grateful to everyone who tookcare of us and the food is too tasty..

Susan Halbert (Virginia, USA)

I have been here many times now Dr. Mali, Sujatha and entire staff are family. I keep coming back to enjoy Sreenilayam. You all have taught me so much over years and I know I have much more to learn, about India and Kerala - about ayurveda about medication and spirituality. The entire team creates an environment of peace and love while working hard to give each of us the best ayurvedic care. I simply don't have the words to express my appreciation. Please know that I love each and everyone deeply.

Marina Robert Pinky

We know Dr Mali already 15 years. I want tell him and all the team thanks. Thanks for two my kids which were born just due to treatment of Dr Mali. We had the best time here. Hope to see you again and again wish to you and your family happiness and ayurvedic health.

Schmid Kim (Geneva Switzerland)

Second time in this place and first ayurvedic experience and great success for me! After many years hearing my parents praise the success of this cure, I decided to come to test it myself. The place is wonderful, the people around are amazing - a safe heaven in the middle of Kerala. I would particularly like to thank Dr Mali and his staff for their incredible work and his beautiful family for their hospitality and their kindness. We will meet again very soon and I hope this time with complete tribes Schmid family.

Julie Bernier (California, USA)

Thank you Dr. Mali, Sujatha and your beautiful staff for everything - your kindness, hospitality, patience ,love, wisdom and generosity. You have created an oasis for something far beyond physical health and spiritual growth. I am leaving here a different person, a bit wiser and much more aware. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.