Being at a particular moment of my life,and after many stress in the work I felt a vital need to have a break. Thanks to the wonderful fate I go the address of Sreenilayam. I want to thank you Dr.Mali,for your philosophy,teaching,and for your remarkable pedagogy.During these three weeks those moments were precious because there was beyond the words a therapeutic effect. Indeed everything in this place coloured with an unspeakable blessing and thus with a cure(omnipresent). The care are professional ,of quality and ritualised,what plunged me into the scared.The therapiest are in the “service ” for the noble sense of the term.I had the impression to become again achild between their hands.and receive the care as in ac cocoon. The “ H’ebergement “ is also fine without forgetting the delicious and many dishes prepared with “love”. The discreet but effective precense of Suhjatha also brings an harmonious balance in the centre.Smile and her elgance and her especially beautiful “Amma” delighted me everyday. Both children are also “of the pure happiness”.They are modern (in their time) but we can feel they got the real values(family and spiritual). I enjoyed to share this family life reflecting the harmony.I’m sensitive to the a ayurveda,because it is not dogma but lifestyle which leads directly towards the freedom and the fulfilment of our soul in the aspect(of the )for the alive. Thank you Dr.Mali to have given me the tool to face a city life everyday in thei modern world while respecting my divine nature without loosing my soul. I leave with a key for which I’m Now responsible for keeping with me to open the door of my new life and put into practise all that I received for three weeks. If Sreenilayam was a certain idea of the paradise…

Marie France croueau


Hmm..... is there any words that might possibly express a journey in the hands of Gods family?.Is there is any melody, melodeons enough to be sing for a stay in the lap of mothers? Is there is any watches that could stop the time? A touch by loving hands, a look by compassionate eyes , a smile, a big laugh from sharing heats… Will remember all of you, Divine Family! And your words…. “now turn please , keep your back straight, and here is your favourite dish, special for you, milk with cardamom , turn on the back , oh her is pollution, we will kill the pollution…..” Ayurveda…its all that! A living lesson by loving and caring people. Treatment is a part but LOVE is for me most of it..you teach it with so much devotion that even ants are shivering Thank you to all, each with your most important role in the journey of all lives! “….and this is one step”…… I am looking forward your other steps! You put a seed in my heart…and will watering it each day! Let me offer you Love Flowers!!!!!
With love only

Anitha Zulaulf

Swiz Tourist Operator

I have stayed with Dr. Mali two times over the past five years. One time for three weeks with my wife, and the other for a month with my two children as well. What we received from the complete experience is simply two of the most important times in my life. Dr. Mali is not only one of the dearest men I have met, he is simply the most competent Ayurvedic doctor I have encountered. Dr. Mali and his staff create a total environment to surrender into, and in this the amount of healing that takes place on all levels is truly incredible. I feel nurtured in every aspect of my life while I am there, and the treatments are given the chance to deepen and resonate. The house, the staff, the food and the place are all top quality and in unison. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Mali, and I am sure that everyone who does so in the future will feel the same way. My family will continue to visit and "recharge" as long as I am able to physically get us there. It is that important. That's a few thoughts for now. I have more to say....but there is a sunny day out there and two kids that want to play with Daddy.

many Blessings Dear One

Damon Zumbroegel

CEO, Vihara USA

That's a few thoughts for now. I have more to say....but there is a sunny day out there and two kids that want to play with Daddy. I would like to thank my three mothers[Swapna, Komala, and Shyma] for taking care of me and gave me love. Lot of thanks to Doctor, who is a very good doctor actually,he knows and feel people very quickly.

Special thanks to our cook and komala2text-two I hope I will come next year with my boyfriend

I wish you lot of success to you all!!



Everything is normal “, said Dr.Mali For me it is”Flying away” and this is normal after such a great Ayurveda Treatment.Thanks to all of you for this nice experience and looking forward to see you soon again...

Bugitte, Rhea and Bruno


This was a marvelous experience to meet all of you. Doctor, you are such a wonderful person. The treatment has been very interesting and very positive………….lots of things to discover about ayurveda... I am impatient to know more about and happy to know that I will come back next year.
Warm thanks to everybody with love 


Thank you for your welcome, the managers, the food, the yoga, and even for the medicine! Great staff , sweetDoctor…
thank you to all of you

Patrick & Corrine [Journalist]


Thank you very much for your attention to me and my little son. Thank you very much for your patience. You are doing your job not just well,simply its great! Our stay @sreenilayam was great. Special thanks to our cook and komala2text-two I hope I will come next year with my boyfriend

many Blessings Dear One

Rovikova Elena & Mark