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Posted: January 19, 2015

Some patients

Written by xienine admin
I had a patient before one year….she is my wifes sister.She came with a problem of frequent urination.Even if she travels 5km she has to stop at least twice.In the night its even more.So she cannot sleep.This has started before 2yrs.She saw all the specialist in modern medicine in Trichur and Calicut.They did lot of investigation.
I said to her this is a pure manifestation of tension.But she said she has no tension as such.But i told her the hormone which is producing the adrenalin is on kidney.For some people it may cause hyper urination for some it may cause frequent going to toilet.And if you think well you may be able to find some inccidents happened before 2 yrs to cause this tension.She said she had to come from Dubai as her husband lost his job.As she had some dosham-toxins we began the treatment after giving Virechanam-Purification by purgation i strted medicines only for the tension.Now she is completely cured after the oil bath to body and head.This preparation also selected to help peace of mind.

Similarly i had patients with frequent toileting.She lost almost 15kg with in 2 yrs of this issue.The treatment again was based on psychological aspects.

A girl of 13yrs had the problem of bed wetting.At the age of 10 she had a severe mucous problem which was so serious and they they thought she could even die.After that modern treatment she never had any cold.During the sleep she sleep like dead until the morning.So i realized this is the problem.She has lot of mucous because of that she is never consious in the night about the micturation.i only treated for her mocous problem.Nothing for the bed wetting.In 3 or 4 weeks the bed wetting is gone.

A man of 52 yrs,he was like mad…never sleep in the night.Always agressive,goes around the house with big stick in the nights shout looking into the darkness.i sent his family members from consulting room,he was not looking at my face.i askedem you have any sexual problem.He looked at me for the first time.Said if it becomes all right he will be happy.So his behaviour was like this because he suspected his wife.i gave him medicines and a small hand book of Lalitha Sahsra Namam for chanting.After couple of months he stopped coming for medicines.After few years he came to my clinic,at hat time i was not in the clinic and gave back the book of Sahasra namam.His relatives told me again he stared his business and bought new Jeep.

A girl of 8 yrs came with the problem of epilepsy.Her problem was actually jealousy to her sister.She was trying to draw the attention of people by acting epileptic.

i said these experience only to say how Ayurveda trying to see the issues.All the sciences say about the holistic approch,but in practise always everybody try to only see the tip of the problem.

love md peace.


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