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Posted: January 19, 2015

Research in Ayurveda

Written by xienine admin
Now lot of research works going on in Ayurveda in different parts of the world.But you need an ayurvedic or spectacles to see the things in Ayurvedic way or in Ayurvedic perspective.We cannot prove the chemistry theoram using the physics phylosaphy and vice versa.

Research scholars from the most famous university in US studying about Rheumatoid Arthritis came to Ayurveda Pharmacy Coimbatore hospital and they said we need to study the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicine in RA.So they wanted to study about one preparation-formulation or one herb,how it works on RA.Dr.Ram Manohar who was the in charge of research said its not possible to study like that.He said you have to study as it is practised in Ayurvedic clinics.So in the Ayurvedic way taking the physical,mental and spiritual aspects of a man the doctor will prscribe the medicines or treatments according to conditions.The doctors were using around 150 kinds of medicines in their day to day practice for RA.Then the modern Doctors will analize the patients using their techniques and found out there is effective treatment for RA in Ayurveda.In my understanding the previous researches taking single drug or single formulation proved just opposite.

The Kutajam a herb used for diarrhoea and dysentry in Ayurveda according to modern research not effective against the microbes causing the loose motion.But they are effective by correcting the Amam or toxins and by correcting the metabolism.

Sidhamakara dwajam and Rasa sindhooram are 2 medicines prepared from Mercury and Sulpher.There is only fractional difference in combination of Mercury and Sulpher.Sidhamakara dwajam acts as Rasayanam and Vajeekaranam (Rejuvinative) where as the Rasa sindhooram effective against the Cancer kind of diseases.

While prescribing medicines somtimes we used to mix 2 types of Kashayam-liquid medicine together,when iam writing the names of the formulations i used to even think which medicine name has to be written first.i feel even that is important.How can we analize this significance.

Ayurveda says sitting in the shade of a neem tree is good for health and sitting under the shade of a Tamarind tree causes aggravation of Vata.For the air poolution its advocated to apply the anti poisnous drgs on drums and play.

iam not against any research, somtimes we may find somthing so before making a conclusion we have to think….we need an Ayurvedic spectacles…..we need a soul understanding Ayurveda. We need an Ayurvedic spectacles…..


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