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Posted: January 19, 2015

Little baby from Russia

Written by xienine admin
2 years back we had baby from Russia coming for the treatment.She was just 2.5 yrs old.She got a problem in her brain known as Toubourous Sclerosis.TS can come in any vital organs of the body.Because of TS she used to have epileptic attacks even upto 23 times in a day.The attacks are more intense during the full moon and black moon days and during eclipse.

When she came she has stolen all our hearts.She is so inteligent.Even learned one of our Malayalam song so quickily.My wife,kids and staff all played with her.It was like a celebration and a ceremony.

As a special case i have decided to make a special medicine with 2 herbes.My home stands in 1 acre of land.To my biggest surprise i saw these 2 rare herbes growing in my land.Once when i walked 1 km around my land to get this herb i could get only 2 plants.But now this growing in the new earth we put to fill the land.

I did special pooja for her and we did the offerings to the temples and i did the treatments most of the times my self chanting Lalita Sahsranamam.

Amazingly she took all our medicines without much difficulty.She stayed in the treatment table nearly 1.5 hrs everyday.We even did the Vasthy-introducing medicines through anus-Everything was made easy and possible by her loving mother.

Before she coming for the 3rd treatment i have noticed in the northern side of my land a special herb growing.So i have decided its time to change her medicine.Using this herbe i have prepared oil for the head and ghee preparation to take internally.

The northern side is very importent as far as herbes are conserned.North direction is the place of moon.South is the direction for the death.So when we are collecting the roots of herbes we try to collect roots which are going towards north…going away from poison,away from the death….towards Amrutham-Nectar-…towards immortality.Moon represents the energy without destruction.It is equal to the concept of Ojus in Ayurvedam.So the mooness in the herbes detemines the curative capacity of the herb.That is why moon is called as OUSHDEESA-the lord of herbes.When we are doing the DHARA for head we are increasing mooness in the patient.

Moon represents also the mind.Where the seeds of disesase are growing in the form of thoughts and reflecting in our actions-Karma-.

After the treatment on November 2011 she never had any attacks.I wanted to tell you this to say how the nature is striving for the cure.Telling me what i have to do as the next step of treatment.And also about a mothers determination and trust.Her mother was like ill when she was coming for the first time.She was in a panic as if somthing is going out of her hands.She became beautiful like a butterfly when her daughter got cured.Her love and care and the way of explaning things to her little daughter was the key for the cure.

The 3 paintings my liitle baby gave me as a present decorating my home walls,it was painted by her self….we are looking forward to see her again….with all our love nd prayers.


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