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Posted: January 19, 2015


Written by xienine admin
Our body is a part of the nature and the body is in a dynamic relation with the nature.We are inseparably united with the nature.Our body excist only because it continously exchages energy with the nature.Our body physically a combination of chemicals.When we are dead,the Calcium,Phospherous,Pottasium etc once it was part of our body and it becomes part of a tree and the tree produces a fruit out of it.So in the nature everything depends upon this interaction or exchange of energy.

We become wealthy becuse of our hard work or Karma.This hard work depends upon our biological energy.We get this energy from the nature.Money is reffered as Chakram in Sanskrit,means that which rolls like a wheel.Currency also have the same meaning.When you are trying to accumulate money without sharing or investing,its like blocking the flow of energy.Money is like a flow of river if it is blocked the water gets polluted.

You get more, when you share more.What is going out,it will come back in multiples.Acctually giving is the way of getting back.This giving and taking is the natural way of maintaining the balance of nature.Without giving no getting back.

Seed has a capacity to make a big forest.Seeds are not for accumulating.Seed has to be sworn in fertile soil.The unseen energy in seeds becomes the crops.
The principle of giving and taking is simple.If you want to be happy, you give happyness to others.If you want love, give love to others.Because your consiousness and the unversal consiousness are one.This consiousness moves everything,this consiosness gives us life.The origin of our thoughts is from the consiousness.The thoughts can be converted into matter or reality.
Ayurveda refers Dhanam or sharing as one of the importent step in the cure.

“Eesavasya midam sarvam yath kinchid jagathyam jagath
thena thekthena bhunjeeda ma drda kasysid dhanam”


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