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Our team of Ayurveda physicians is led by Dr. Mali, a graduate of the Ayurveda College of Coimbatore. He began studying Ayurveda in the ancient system of gurukulam at the age of 16 and has more than 30 years of experience delivering authentic Ayurvedic healthcare at Sreenilayam and around the world. Dr. Mali belongs to a family for whom astrology and Ayurvedam are a way of life. His father, Vaidyapadan Sri Ramakrishnan, was a well known Ayurvedic doctor from Shoranur Ayurveda College. Dr. Mali has conducted workshops in Lausanne, Geneva and Moscow.


Dr. Mali's wife Sujatha is the hostess of Ayurveda at Sreenilayam. She makes it a true home, taking care of every minute detail and welcoming her guests like family.

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